What is CTE-ROP Articulation?

Fullerton College, part of the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) in partnership with local high schools, is committed to developing CTE programs that allow students to earn college credit while completing their high school education.

Articulation is a method designed to connect high schools and ROPs with community colleges by means of a formal Articulation Agreement for courses taught at both the high school and community college levels. The Articulation Agreement allows students to earn community college credit through successful completion of the high school/ROP course or program. This prevents a student from repeating a course in high school/ROP and college and thus duplicating their learning. The Articulation process allows students to move from one course, program, or educational level to the next without loss of time or resources.

Successful Completion of a CTE Articulated High School Course entitles students to:

  1. Earn community college credit while still in high school/ROP.
  2. Waive most fees for community college course(s) completed through the
    articulated high school/ROP course.
  3. Receive college credit and/or advanced placement through successful
    completion of the articulated high school/ ROP course.
  4. Advance to the next level of classes for which this course serves as a

Articulation Process and Requirements for Students:

For high school/ROP students who want to earn community college credit at Fullerton College for their high school/ROP Articulated courses:

  1. Student enrolls in and completes with a grade of “B” or better an articulated course at their high school/ROP. *(this may vary by course – check with your high school instructor).
  2. Receive and complete a Fullerton College CTE Student Articulation Procedure Checklist and a Student CTE Articulation Certification Form from your teacher at the end of your high school/ROP course.
  3. Apply to enroll at Fullerton College and complete the Matriculation Placement Evaluation Program (orientation, and advisement). Contact Fullerton College’s Counseling Department for more information about the Matriculation Program.
  4. Successfully complete 6 or more academic units at Fullerton College within 2 years of completing the high school/ROP Articulated courses.
  5. Send your completed Student CTE Articulation Certification Form and a
    sealed official high school or ROP transcript and a sealed copy of your Fullerton College transcript to the attention of the CTE Department at Fullerton College. (see name/address below).
  6. After successfully completing six units of credit, the CTE Department will send all of your Articulation forms and transcripts to the Admissions and Records office for processing.
  7. At the end of the semester in which the forms were submitted, the Admissions and Records Office will issue college credit for your articulated course(s) and notify the CTE Department.
  8. The student may check their college transcripts online via the My Gateway for verification of units.


If you have any questions or need any help with the Articulation process, please contact 714.992.7010

Please send the Student CTE Articulation Certification form and your official
transcripts to:

CTE Director
Fullerton College
321 E. Chapman Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832