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The Interior Design Department offers programs in Commercial Design, Interior Design, Interior Merchandising and Residential Design. Interior Designers improve the quality of life for the occupants of an interior space by making it functional and aesthetically pleasing. The designer must have knowledge of not only materials and products appropriate to a particular project, but also knowledge of building codes that protect the safety and welfare of the public. Our program provides the student with the skills necessary to be successful in this ever-evolving field and challenges the individual to create dynamic interiors that also respect the environment. Students learn about the many career options in residential and commercial design, and areas of specialization such as kitchen & bath, hospitality, health care, model homes, lighting specialist, and CAD operator, just to name a few. As a student nears program completion, the internship class provides the opportunity to work in an actual design environment and to network in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost is $46 per unit. Non-resident tuition: $258 per unit PLUS enrollment fees (Non-Resident Tuition includes $19.00 Capital Outlay fee per Ed Code 76141).

Costs may vary; please visit website for more information:

Associate degree or certificate completion depends on program unit requirements and whether student is enrolled full-time or part-time.

For information on jobs in this industry sector and their median annual salaries visit:

Career opportunities include:

  • Decorating Consultant
  • Design Manager
  • Interior Design Consultant
  • Interior Design Coordinator
  • Interior Design Director
  • Interior Design Principal
  • Interior Design Project Manager
  • Interior Designer
  • Showroom Executive Director

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Fullerton College offers its students a comprehensive academic experience, in a real college setting.

At 45 years of age, with 20 years traveling

“At 45 years of age, with 20 years traveling the world with grand prix teams, I decided to go back to school to learn all aspects of manufacturing. I heard about Fullerton College through key aerospace companies. They spoke very highly of the faculty “Manufacturing Technology “and the educator’s that oversee the program. The versatility that Fullerton College operates under with day/night Classes, fitted in well with my full time employment. The Covid-19 sprung up during my last semester, the school overcame the obstacles quickly and I carried online with my key classes. I can’t say enough about the educators that have instructed me over the past 3 years, their work ethics and encouragement has taken me to a level that I can now perform my employment to the highest standard.”

– Chris Redpath
Machine Technology
My overall experience as a Journalism

“My overall experience as a Journalism student at Fullerton College has been challenging, scary and filled with excitement! What I love about some of my experiences is that I’ve had the opportunity to produce a number of stories with other staff writers. The professors, every teacher that I’ve had the honor to have has been a role model to me because they would talk about their experiences, tell stories and give the most incredible advice. I was incredibly lucky to have Jay Seidel, Kyra Kirkwood, Julie Patel and Jessica Langlois teach me everything that I know now throughout my Journalism educational career path. My advice to anyone who’s interested in becoming a Journalism student at Fullerton College is to be serious about your decisions from the beginning to the ending of your educational career. Also listen to your professors because what they teach you, you will carry with you through your journalism journey.”

– Roxanne Reeves