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The beauty industry is a vast field with plenty of exciting opportunities for careers in hair and cosmetology and it’s growing! The Cosmetology program at Fullerton College consists of five consecutive levels that prepare students to become eligible to take the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology exams. Students prepare in a structured 1,600-hour program taught by experienced instructors. For additional information, visit the Fullerton College Cosmetology Department website.

Frequently Asked Questions

*These programs prepare students to pass the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology examination.

As of Fall 2021:


1. Current Books $ 544.25 (plus tax) – Pivot Point textbook bundle with LAB access

Purchase online from the Fullerton College bookstore at

2. Current Lab Kit
Module 1 – $915.00 (plus tax) *To be paid before 1st day of class

Module 2 – $1,075.00 (plus tax)*To be paid two weeks prior the end of Level 1

Purchase online from Jazz-Z Beauty Products at

3. Other Expenses Approximately $500.00 for materials will be needed during the 1600-hour program

4. Enrollment Fee $46.00 per unit

5. Parking Fee Optional – $40.00 automobiles for term ($20.00 for summer term)

6. Health Fee Mandatory – $21.00 for term

7. Uniform Mandatory – Uniform and closed-toe shoes (black scrub pant, a black scrub shirt and 100% black leather or imitation leather shoes are required for classroom instruction only) must be approved by the Cosmetology Department prior to purchase

NOTE: The Level One Lead Instructor will review the class syllabus and expectations the first day of class. A copy of the receipts for textbooks and kit purchases must be provided to the lead instructor first week of school. Please refer to the Level One class calendar. For additional information pertaining to Level One, please contact Ms. Jimmons at:

Cosmetology Program:  1,600 clock hours  There are two enrollment options for the Cosmetology program:

  • Full-time Day Program: Monday-Friday, from 7:00am to 4:30pm (approximately 1 year to complete all 5 levels).
  • Part-time Evening Program: Monday-Thursday, from 5:00 to 10:30pm (approximately 2 years to complete all 5 levels).

 Cosmetology/Barbering/Esthetician Instructor Training: 600 clock hours

  • COSM 060 F Instruction Techniques in Cosmetology/Esthetician & COSM 062 F Advanced Instruction in Cosmetology/Esthetician – Two semester courses for California licensed cosmetologists/barbers/estheticians to learn instructional techniques. (Offered as Fall & Spring 16-week courses.)
  • COSM 060LF, COSM 061LF, & COSM 062LF – two to three semester courses for student-instructors to complete 600 clock hours of laboratory observation to become a Cosmetology/Barbering/Esthetician Instructor.
  • Pivot Point Instruction I – Preparatory course to teach Pivot Point terminologies. (Offered as Summer 8-week hybrid course only.)

Cosmetology is an industry that is in high demand. Annual wages for cosmetologist range from a low of $22,022 to a high of $34,328 for 2017. Unfortunately, this does not reflect all income for cosmetologists. For example, actual earnings may not be reported for self-employed cosmetologists. Estimated job growth projected for 2017 is 1,970. Employment of cosmetologists in California is projected to grow 18.7 percent from 2014 to 2024, according to the California Employment Development Department Employment Projections and O*NET Employment Trends. In addition to having a rewarding career, this training also provides the opportunity for industry professionals, such as barbers, cosmetologists, and estheticians to share their occupation with others by teaching a vocational course. Cosmetology teachers are in high demand and employment in California is projected to grow 18.7 percent from 2014 to 2024 and 18.4 percent in Los Angeles County, according to EDD/O*NET Employment Trends. Sources: Use median salary and include the source:, or Salary Surfer, or

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Student Success Stories

Fullerton College offers its students a comprehensive academic experience, in a real college setting.

After taking all the courses

“After taking all the courses, you can actually become a certified interior designer. Fullerton College is one of the only programs in Southern California to be accredited by the State and they teach you the basics that you need to know in the industry. The lighting class has really taught me alot, such as how to select the proper lighting for a room, and also how to bring down energy costs.”

– Alberto Gonzales
Interior Design
The Cosmetology Program

“The Cosmetology Program really prepares you for what your goal is. I love that you have the ability and the freedom to create whatever you want. They teach you the foundation of working at a salon, and so from there you just build on to what you’ve learned here.”

– Daisy Murillo